rain, Huawei Cloud collaboration takes rich, interactive learning to home students

Johannesburg, 16 Jul 2021
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South Africa’s first commercial 5G service provider, rain, has enabled the delivery of rich, interactive remote learning to students across the country, thanks to a collaboration with Huawei Cloud.

rain is a standalone, data-only, 5G wireless broadband service provider powered by Huawei's Convergent 5G Core and massive MIMO technology. Its networks provide ultra-low latency, high bandwidth and enhanced reliability to fuel digital transformation across various industries, including education.

When the global COVID-19 pandemic forced students across South Africa to stay at home, most educational institutions in South Africa did not have mature online or remote learning solutions to deliver online classes at scale. This triggered strong demand for online learning solutions that could provide online classrooms and support other value-added functions like online student assessment, on-demand content generation and delivery, analytics and reporting.

rain, which already provided online learning solutions to educational institutions, needed to develop a solution to support these schools, offering cloud-based deployment, a flexible business model, fast TTM and low opex, analytics and reporting functions, and long-term reliability. The solution also had to be secure, mobile and comprehensive, and offer cross-device compatibility across iOS, Android and Web browsers.

A Huawei Cloud team worked closely with rain to meet these business and technical requirements and quickly deploy the new solution. Harnessing Huawei Cloud’s online Learning Management System (LMS), which already has over 10 million users around the globe, a Huawei-ULearning joint online learning solution was deployed on Huawei Cloud and provided to customers as a SaaS (software as a service) solution. The solution is based on a microservice architecture, supporting open RESTful APIs and a decoupled messaging backbone, and uses MySQL, MongoDB, NoSQL and Redis cache for hierarchical data storage. The solution also supports big data functionality for decision-making.

The result is a cloud-based remote learning platform with rich interactive functions to engage students, a paperless test/quiz system and data-driven features to improve teaching efficiency. The solution has proven stability and reliability and delivers fast TTM and a 40% reduction in the total cost of ownership.

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