Innovation and artificial intelligence from Xerox define the future

Johannesburg, 10 Feb 2021
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To look at Xerox product launches since 2017, you might conclude that Xerox is a company that makes printers. You’re not wrong, but that’s only part of the story. Innovation and artificial intelligence from Xerox give you the rest of our story.

“Fundamentally, Xerox has always helped customers with work – using or inventing the best technologies of each age,” Lawrence Lee, Xerox vice-president of Incubation and Strategy, wrote in a Xerox blog. “Printing, scanning and managing documents are key components of work, but only a subset of all the activities that define work.”

Office work – however you define 'office' – is more than printing and scanning paper. Automated workflows, accelerated decision-making and ramping up revenues are easily more important to our customers than our printers' speeds and feeds. That’s why, for starters, Xerox has made it easier for customers to design and install apps on their printers that allow them to unify their paper and digital workflows. They can also eliminate paper from any number of processes.

When you think about printers for your office or your print production shop, look beyond the analogue functions. Look at the digital capabilities: How can this device automate my workflow? How does the embedded artificial intelligence help your people work smarter? Are the workflows that feed your device automated? Do they make life easier for your people and your customers?

“Artificial intelligence is already appearing in our apps and solutions today,” Lee wrote in TechRadar. “We see the continued impact of AI to improve the usability and reliability of our products and services, both through embedded sensing and intelligence as well as leveraging new technologies such as augmented reality to empower customers to learn how to perform a function or fix a problem.” This is how Xerox people think about our company’s future growth.

Lee discusses these ideas, and shows you how this thinking can help your business as well. Read "Six Ways to Growth by Thinking Differently about Your Business” in the Xerox Connect blog, as well as "Why AI could be the key to taking Xerox to the next level” in TechRadar.

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