SMS-based signature solution for parcels debuts

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Waheed Adam, executive chairperson of iTouch.
Waheed Adam, executive chairperson of iTouch.

To remove the hassle of physically signing for the delivery of goods, iTouch and Trackmatic have introduced a contactless signature solution called Contactless Verification Transaction, or CVT.

This comes as the number of locally confirmed COVID-19 cases has now reached 609 773, with 13 059 South Africans having succumbed to the disease. Globally, as of 23 August, there have been 23 057 288 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 800 906 deaths reported to the World Health Organisation.

In a statement, the companies say CVT was launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

iTouch offers messaging platforms and solutions to businesses for bulk distribution, while Trackmatic is a cloud-based tech company that specialises in fleet management.

After realising the urgent need to update the end-user supply chain process, Trackmatic looked to iTouch, to find a solution they could pioneer within the logistics space going forward.

When a package is delivered, the driver initiates the CVT to a predefined mobile number in the presence of the customer, who will then receive an SMS containing a unique URL link to the electronic messages service (EMS) platform.

The EMS platform can be customised depending on the delivery company’s setup and can also facilitate various short questions. It works on any feature or smartphone and the service is digitally tracked and therefore provides legal records protecting all parties involved.

On completion and submission, the driver is advised to continue on their route and informed that the delivery is captured in the database.

Waheed Adam, executive chairperson of iTouch, says: “With CVT, you won’t need to come into contact with anyone. As an essential service provider during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a secure and critical vendor to banks, financial institutions and corporates, we are committed to ensuring we respond to the call of our customers and will go beyond the usual call of duty to meet their needs. It’s time to be innovative.”

The technology powering CVT uses SMS as a bearer and is processed via EMS on a secure iTouch platform, where it is housed.

David Slotow, CEO of Trackmatic, adds: “CVT is the new way of ensuring trustworthy verification of fulfilment and is the product of smart minds and a new collaborative way of working.

“COVID-19 has presented huge challenges to everyone, but with these challenges, it has broken down much of the red tape and delayed decision-making, which has enabled and facilitated ground-breaking innovation and development being possible in far shorter timelines.”

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