Check Point debuts automated cloud workload protection

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Check Point has expanded the capabilities of its unified Cloud Native Security Platform to deliver application-first workload protection with Check Point CloudGuard Workload Protection.

The company says the solution arms security teams with tools to automate security across applications, application programing interfaces (APIs) and microservices from development to runtime via a single interface.

COVID-19 forced organisations to transition to the new ‘work from anywhere’ environment, driving them to adopt cloud solutions to enable their remote workers quickly.

“As more organisations are still migrating to the cloud in parallel to undergoing the 'shift-left' organisational change, security teams find themselves with multiple platforms to manage,” the company says.

However, these platforms provide neither the visibility nor the ability to protect the rapidly growing cloud workload deployments. A recent survey revealed that 68% of enterprises regard the misconfiguration of cloud assets as one of the biggest contributors to cloud security threats.

CloudGuard takes an 'application-first' approach to workload protection with cloud native automated Web application and API protection.

Its key features and benefits include unified and automated approach that reduces the complexity and risks of securing cloud applications and workloads with end-to-end protection for all applications and microservices on a single, cloud native-platform.

Microservice protection ensures zero trust and the highest level of threat detection across the entire environment by automatically profiling and enforcing function and container behaviour with threat prevention in runtime.

'Shift-left' tool ensures container and serverless functions are scanning from build, by automatically assessing configuration risks and generating least privilege access control across these functions.

Finally, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools employed by DevOps for central control automate security from build and at the registry stage.

Check Point CloudGuard Workload Protection is available immediately.

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