Industry Insight

Should blockchain tech be regulated more, or is it too late?

With the POPIA deadline fast approaching, the use of blockchain for storing personal information may have to come under scrutiny.

6 hours ago

Power-hungry digitalisation: How to feed its demand sustainably

The immediate benefits of digitalisation are so breath-taking that we rarely stop to consider its longer-term impact − an unsustainable dependency on fossil fuels.


The role of the C-Suite in security and risk management

Chief information officers and chief information security officers are deemed security and risk leaders in 2021 corporations, but they face critical challenges.


Analytics and the fight against social injustice

Data has been used as a weapon of discrimination, and exploited to marginalise and trivialise far too many people for far too long.


Is outsourcing just a sophisticated Ponzi scheme?

Without an evolution in thinking and contract negotiations, outsourcing runs the risk of resembling a sophisticated Ponzi scheme.


What are cost-savvy CIOs doing today to reduce expenses?

In today’s tough economic climate, agile CIOs are turning to professionally-refurbished computing devices as a cost-effective option that can help keep jobs safe.

16 Apr

Humanising tech, from UX to impactful human experience

Society 5.0 sparks a dramatic societal shift − a vision of the future that hinges on digitalisation, human-centred artificial intelligence and trusted sharing of data.

14 Apr

A work in progress: Toward data swamps, lakes or oceans?

Are the days of data warehouses numbered, or simply morphing into an exciting new model for data platforms?

13 Apr

POPIA drives data governance best practice to top priority

With the fast-approaching POPIA deadline, there is growing urgency to implement data governance best practices to control and monitor data management.

12 Apr

Do you know your odds? Don’t bet on it

Online betting is legal in SA, but online gambling is illegal, a distinction that causes confusion exploited by online gambling sites dangling the hope of mega jackpots.

9 Apr

Information management: It’s time to raise the security bar

The need to competently and agilely manage, analyse and safeguard vast caches of valuable corporate data has become a vital necessity.

8 Apr

Get on the software testing speedway and don’t look back

Continuous testing is no longer regarded as a speed bump in the DevOps cycle, as it’s increasingly being shown to accelerate application delivery and quality.

7 Apr

Enterprise Architecture 2.0: Key consideration for digitalisation

To deal with the pace at which tech and competition move, companies must use all the tools at their disposal to timeously incorporate digitalisation into their core business.

6 Apr